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Reasons I love summer

I don't know how things are outside of Europe, but here, there's a mean heat wave going on. 30 degrees + (close to 90 for American readers), and it's gonna be like this for at least a few more days.... Continue Reading →


There have been multiple occasions on which, during class, I have headed for the bathrooms to quickly rid myself of rising urges. This post is not about those occasions. This post is about the one time I didn't. It was... Continue Reading →

Giving head <3

I love giving head. And I don't say that 'cuz I like the final result or 'cuz I like being the one that brings pleasure so much. I actually love giving blowjobs. Everything about it, from the teasing start to... Continue Reading →

I got cum tributed \o/

I did something I've wanted to do for a loooooooooong time. The idea of guys fapping on my pics has always given me the ticklies in funny places, but so far, all I had was their word. Until now!!! I... Continue Reading →

A walkin’ orgasm

As some of you might aready know, I dig fooling around in public. Something about the idea of risking to get caught makes it crazy exciting. Now I know standing still in the center of town blows up that risk... Continue Reading →

I should blog more often

Hellooooo! I haven't posted something in aaaaages (and I'm reallyreallyreally sorry for that). The reason? I've been dating o.O That's right. Actual dating. I had a boyfriend for a while. Had, 'cuz it's already over, but at least I tried,... Continue Reading →

I’m gonna get laid tonight!

Weeeeeekend! Dayum, have I been looking forward to this one! Not because of the awesome party plans for tonight and tomorrow. Not because I can finally get tipsy again and have awkward convos with guys at the bar. But also... Continue Reading →

Once a sneaky minx…

Eek! Miss meeeeeee? It's been so long since my last post! Crazy busy times, lots of school projects and party weekends. But I'm back 🙂 I don't hate being busy, I kinda like it in fact. But the downside is... Continue Reading →

I played in front of my BFF

My best friend's name is Jackie. Okay, it's not, but for the sake of the story, let's assume it is. Jackie is a lesbian (that part is true). I've known her since I was 14, when she moved into town... Continue Reading →

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