Showing off

Last Thursday, we had the last nice, summery day of the season. The last day with sunny skies, easy winds, and 80-ish degrees weather. I was determined to make the most of it. I took my bike to the beach... Continue Reading →



hello my name is noëlle and i have a pussy do you wanna see it ok. i've thought about doing this for a while, and i knew i was gonna eventually, just not when. but now i'm sitting here and... Continue Reading →


This is a post about one of my favorite places to do dirty stuff in: the shower. There's so much to love about it. Here's 10 reasons why! .1 people in showers are usually naked I love being naked. I've... Continue Reading →


It's the best feeling in the world - fine, the second best feeling in the world. I'm lying on my back. My knees are bent, my legs are spread, as wide as they can. I can see the smile on... Continue Reading →

Bent, spread ‘n more

I can't believe I've never written a post about positions. There's so many of them, and there's so much to tell about each. It's hard to say which one is my favorite, since every one of them has it's good... Continue Reading →

Swimming pool

I recently took on swimming as a hobby, and I honestly have no idea why I only found out about it just now. For someone with my track record of doing naughty stuff in fun places, the pool provides the... Continue Reading →

His dick made me cum

Eeek it's been ages since I've posted something on here. Sooooo here's a little story. About one of the times I went out Tindering (I've been doing that  a lot lately). This one's dick made me cum. But not in... Continue Reading →

I’m bored

I'm bored. And I need to get laid. Last time didn't end well. I mean I came, I came real hard. Twice. But the second happened to happen just as she walked in. It's not like in the pornos, when... Continue Reading →

Naked Day

Today is Naked Noëlle Day. Well, I made that up this morning. When I woke up, I thought: let's not get too dressed today, let's spend most of the day fully naked. And so here I am, naked, telling you... Continue Reading →

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