Wouldn’t you all like a little heads-up about my current situation? Well, stay tuned! Comin’ right up.

I am currently single by choice. I broke up with my boyfriend two months ago to live life to its fullest. I spent a month in a small village in Namibia to do charity work. Which was amazing btw.

And now I’m back home. Alone lol. I’m busy with my Dutch language studies, my work as a bartender in a small pub, my field hockey games, my social life and social media life, and my blogging.

Oh, you wanted to know about my situation in the bedroom?

Hm. Uhm. Welllllll…..

It’s not perfect, obviously. I usually have to play on my own. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing! I enjoy that. Slightly too much maybe *grins*.

That doesn’t mean I don’t get it every now and then, tho. I have connections. I have randoms talking to me at the club. I have Tinder. I admit I don’t get as much sex as I was getting when I was in a relationship, but there are other ways.

And I’ll make sure to tell you all about those! Maybe not necessarily here, cuz some might be slightly too hawt for WP. Don’t worry, I’ll share a lot of dogdy stuff here. Just not everything. So make sure to follow my new blog account on Twitter for any juicy details. I’ll be spilling them like candy.

Wait why would anyone spill candy. Never mind. Be good ❤