Not too long ago (some months, maybe), I was chilling in my room on a late Sunday morning. I remember I had just watched a show on Netflix. When it had finished, I wanted to take a shower, cause I had to do something later that day – can’t for the love of god remember what, though. Anyway, not important.

I did what I often do before I take a shower: I walked towards the window to close the blinds. My bathroom is tiny and I can’t take too many clothes with, so I usually just get dressed in my bedroom, which is more convenient anyway.

Boys are weird

As I stood by the window, I saw something. There lives a family across the street, I think they have a boy and a girl, both in their late teens – maybe they’re even twins, cause they sure look the same age. This time, I saw the boy standing in front of the window, looking out on the street.

Or that’s what I thought.

Life’s boring without bad decisions, isn’t it?

I realized he was actually looking at me. The lights in my room were on, so he could probably see me pretty well. Exactly why I always close the blinds, I reminded myself. I grabbed them and wanted to pull, but he kept looking. He didn’t even hide it, he just stared. Boys are weird.

I let go of the blinds and turned around. For a moment, I stood there. I even weirded myself out a little with the plan I had come up with. But oh well. Life’s boring without bad decisions, isn’t it?

Still watching

I grabbed my shirt and pulled it over my head, then started to move my hips a little. I danced, with my back towards the window, but I was sure he was still looking at me. I reached back and unhooked my bra, holding it in front of me for a while before dropping it on the floor. I cupped my boobs and turned around. Yasss, definitely still watching. Can’t blame him.

I stood as close to the window as possible and got my hands out of the way. He was too far away to see an expression on his face, but the fact that he was still staring made me think he must have at least somewhat liked it. So I continued.

The panties hung from my knees for some time, but I completely lost them when I turned back around.

I reached down and put my thumbs in my chillow pants, slowly pushing them down. My panties started to show, but I kept pulling, until the pants were past my hips and dropped down on the floor all by themselves. I kicked them out and turned around once more.

Wearing nothing but a black thong now, I bent over a little. I ran my hands over my buttocks and grabbed my underwear, slowly pulling it down. The panties hung from my knees for some time, but I completely lost them when I turned back around.

Never ever

It was impossible for him to see any details, he was too far away for that, but he must have seen I was wearing nothing but my own skin. He was still staring, unmoved. Maybe the sight of a naked girl froze him, I don’t know. I thought about my next move, and I have to admit, I legit thought about putting my leg up on the window sill and start doing some playing. That would have been too much, though. So I didn’t. Poor boy.

I waved him a kiss and closed the blinds. All day, and even to this day occasionally, I see him waiting by the window to catch another glimpse of the naked girl across the street. Which, for obvious reasons, he never did. Ever.