Okay, this is one I’m not particularly super proud of. I’m not ashamed or anything, it’s just that I’ve never ever told anyone about this, and even though that’s exactly the reason why I created this blog, it still feels weird to just spit it out. Anyway. Here we go.

When I was younger, we used to spend our summer holidays on a camping site in southern France. “We” meaning my dad, my mom, and my older brother. This time though, my brother was old enough to go on vacation with his friends for the first time, so I was stuck with my parents all by myself. Which wasn’t that much of a bad thing, I knew some people on the camping site, but it made the trip there a lot more boring. A lot less annoying, too.

It was about a 15 hour drive from where I lived, and we left after the evening rush hour, so I could sleep during most of the trip. After we had crossed the border with Belgium (which is in between France and The Netherlands, FYI), I snuggled up nicely under my blanket, fired up my ancient mp3 player and tried to fall asleep.

I spent the next few hours between being awake and being asleep. Like limbo. It’s an awesome feeling, don’t you think? Anyway, I dozed off for an hour, but then I woke up. For real. I was wide awake, and I couldn’t really go back to sleep. We had just entered France, and we were about half-way there.

So, bit of info first. I was fifteen and though I wasn’t nearly as intrigued (OBSESSED) by sex-related things as I am now, I had developed some weird… kinks.

I quickly made a pro/con list in my mind. Pros: I was hidden under a blanket. Wearing lazy pants and tiny undies. My parents thought I was asleep. My mom was asleep. Cons: My dad was wide awake. Conclusion: pros beat the cons by a long shot.

Back to the story. I can’t really go into much detail here, because there aren’t many. I tried to stay as still as possible as I wiggled my hand under the blanket and into my sweatpants. I had plenty of time, like hoooooouuuuurs, so there was no need to rush things. Without making any sound, I slooooowly slid my finger into my panties.

This meant instant wetness. I tried not to think about my dad, but thought of some weird fantasies about a certain boy in my class instead. I started to rub. I’m lucky to be one of those girls who can easily go bananas on just some pressure on the love button (ooooh! I’ll explain that in more detail in another post soon). So I kept touching myself and went as bananas as I could without making any noise.

I can be very silent if I have to, and I really really had to here. I wish there was more to the story than this, but there just wasn’t. It was just me moving nothing but my index and middle finger over my giggly bits. Until…

Until I was there. I held my breath, which I can usually do long enough to brace against the heavy first waves. After I breathed out again, slightly too loud for my liking, I pretended I was waking up, pulled up my legs, yanked my hand out from underneath the blanket and sat up.

“Daddy?” I asked.

“Yes, my dear?”

He did not suspect a thing. Thank God.

“Are we there yet?”