There! Confession for you. I fcking love being naked. Like fully naked (okay maybe with socks on). I don’t know what it is. I just love it.

The place where I live has a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom, but my bedroom is my own personal space. Well, sorta, there is no lock on my door so it’s not super private, but when the door is closed, people usually don’t come in without knocking. So I can do basically all I want.

And sometimes, all I want is to be naked 🙂 Really, it’s such an awesome feeling. Having nothing touching your skin. Being able to touch anything you wanna touch, with nothing in the way. It’s looooove.

I started to sometimes sleep naked a while ago. That was safe, but still fun. After a while, I put on a bathrobe, grabbed some breakfast from the kitchen and went back into my room, and had breakfast naked. After some time I spent entire days naked, only getting sorta kinda dressed when I had to leave my room for bathroom visits or food.

Speaking of which! Going to the bathroom naked! Omg, you have to try this (boy or girl). Just go to the bathroom, quickly get rid of your clothes, and do what you have to do. It’s so sexy!

Cuz that’s obviously what it’s all about. Being naked turns me on. Like big time. It makes me wanna touch myself all over all the time. And sometimes I do.

Obviously, it’s pretty damn easy to play when you’re already naked. The good thing is it’s also really easy to stop ‘n go. Just play for a bit, then stop, cool down, and start all over again. That way, I can get myself so increeeeeeeedibly turned on I can barely get myself to stop being naked any more. A few times, I’ve even tried to beat the odds and run to the shared kitchen, fully nude, fill my water bottle and get back into my room before anyone could see me. And succeeded 100% of the time AWWYISS.

The point is. Being naked is so cool. It helps with getting naughty, it makes me feel sexy, and it makes lame Sundays so much more interesting. Try it!