My best friend’s name is Jackie. Okay, it’s not, but for the sake of the story, let’s assume it is. Jackie is a lesbian (that part is true). I’ve known her since I was 14, when she moved into town and we started playing in the same field hockey team. I don’t think there’s been a week where I haven’t seen her since then.

One day, Jackie and I were hanging out at her place (she left her parents’ house when she was 17). We were bored, it was a Wednesday night and neither one of us had things of meaning to do the next day. Jackie proposed to just get some wine and see where it would go from there. And hey. I’m always up for wine.

Play for me

Jackie had never told me she would be okay with trying something together to my face, but I knew she would in a heartbeat. She had pulled faces at the gym, when I bent over to grab some dumbbells or worked on my butt. She had stared when I changed in front of her. She had tried to make out with me when we were both drunk AF, apologizing the morning after, saying she didn’t mean to make me feel uncomfortable. But I always knew better.

I talked about boys all night, she talked about girls all night. I tried to explain how having actual sex was different from putting a toy between your legs. She tried to explain why a girl’s tongue felt so much better than a guy’s (how would she even know! she hadn’t even kissed a boy). It’s our usual go-to conversation topic, I know everything about her sex life, and she knows even more about mine.

I was like… totally flabbergasted. Like for real.

We hit the subject of masturbation, and both the wine and my state of mind made me blurt out I hadn’t played in two days. Jackie sat up all of a sudden and looked at me, from head to toe and back, then grabbed her glass and sat back.

“Play for me,” she said.

I was like… totally flabbergasted. Like for real. I knew she would love to try weird things with me, but she had never asked me out of the blue. And now she had. I giggled, slapped her on the knee, told her to stop being silly. But she looked at me with the most serious face ever. I shouted “NO!”, she shouted “YES!”, I shouted “Wtf girl!”, she just laughed.

“I won’t touch,” she said. “I won’t take pictures. I won’t tell anyone! I just wanna look.”

I stared at her, my jaw must have been on the floor.

“You really want me to do this?” I asked.

She nodded and pointed at my pants.


Fuck this, fine

Screw it, I thought, though it was probably the wine that was the reason I did this. I emptied my glass and stood up. I turned around and slowly pulled down my pants, waving my butt at her. I bent over as far as I could, giving Jackie a perfect view of my buttocks and the thong in between. I stood there for a few seconds, knowing what would happen. There it was. I could feel Jackie’s hand on my butt, cupping one cheek with her fingers spread. I left my pants on the floor, sat back down and pulled my legs up.

“You said no touching.”

“I’m so sorry!” Jackie screamed. “I’ll be good!”

I kicked my legs off the couch and ran my hand over my body. I squeezed my boobs, then moved my hands downwards, over my belly, over my panties, pulling them down just enough for her to see the very beginning of my fun bits. Then I looked at her.

She had always hoped this would happen, but she had never really expected it to.

“This will be a one time thing,” I whispered, as I pulled one leg up and threw it over her shoulder. I slid my middle finger into my panties and started to rub. Jackie got comfortable and looked at me, not even at my face, but at the spot where the fun things happened.

I wiggled my butt and pulled down my panties, slowly lowering them to my knees. Then I started kicking them to my feet, until they were hanging over Jackie. I dropped them onto her lap, keeping eye contact as I started to rub a little more ferociously. Jackie just sat there, unmoved, looking at me as if I was juggling torches. She had always hoped this would happen, but she had never really expected it to.

Whilst playing, I started to run my legs up Jackie’s. I made sure I didn’t touch anything too sensitive, I wouldn’t want her to think I had finally given in and was ready to have my BFF go down on me – even though (don’t tell her!) at some point, I kinda hoped she would jump me and get involved.

The end

After some time, I felt I was nearing the end. I got up, put Jackie’s empty glass on the table in front of her and sat down on her lap. She didn’t know whether to look at my face or at my naked lower body, and I could see she was torn between the two options. I decided to make it a little easier on her, as I started to use both hands to touch myself down there. I was so close already, but I wanted to keep this going for as long as I could. I rubbed myself, spreading my lips wide to make room for my fingers. I felt Jackie’s hands on my hips, and I let her grab me. I knew she wasn’t going to touch anything else.

I knew this was going to happen, and I was more than ready.

I played for her until I couldn’t take it anymore. I leaned forward, burying my face into her neck. My orgasm had already started to kick in when my cheek touched her skin. My muffled moans died in her collarbone, I could feel her squeeze my buttocks on the rhythm of my orgasm. I whispered her name, doubting she would even hear it, but meaning it from the bottom of my heart.

After I had gotten my panties and pants back on, I sat next to her. She looked at me, doing nothing but smiling, although it is probably better described as grinning. She finally got what she wanted, partially. Jackie poured the both of us another glass, sipped from hers, then put it back on the table.

“Noëlle,” she said, slowly.

I nodded. I knew this was going to happen, and I was more than ready. I grabbed my glass, sat back on the couch and stared at her, pointing at her jeans.




That’s right! Cliffhanger! Part II will be up here some time, don’t you worry 🙂