Eek! Miss meeeeeee? It’s been so long since my last post! Crazy busy times, lots of school projects and party weekends. But I’m back 🙂

I don’t hate being busy, I kinda like it in fact. But the downside is I barely have time for sexy adventures. And no sexy adventures mean very few posts. I did miss you guys though, so I made this one anyway. Yay!

So does that mean I didn’t get to do anything naughty at all? Of course not! Once a sneaky minx, always a sneaky minx, right? This one thing in particular I think you’ll like. I got off in the gym bathroom! Proud of me?

It was such a stupid idea but I decided to go to the gym while being out of my mind horny. Even when I’m not that turned on, I don’t mind hot guys at staring at me when I work out, but this time I actually looked for it, standing right in the middle of the room while doing my squats and stuffs.

But then I did something really dangerous: I started to realize I could just sneak into the bathrooms and finish this once and for all. Or you know. For the next few hours at least. I quickly finished my set and then ran off to the dressing room. There was no one there, which made hiding into an empty bathroom as easy as apple pie.

I didn’t even get naked, I just leaned against the bathroom wall, pulled down my leggings and started playing. I didn’t care about the group of girls entering the dressing rooms. In fact, I kinda liked the noise they made, so I didn’t have to listen to myself breathe.

It took me less than a minute. The girls were still there, so I had to be really quiet, which was pretty easy cause of the lack of build-up. It was nowhere near the best orgasm ever, but it was one of the ones I had needed most. Oh, and it was a heck of a cooling down.

So now you know what I have been up to 🙂 It’s not much, I know that, but it’s something. Let’s hope from now on I get to tell you a lot more again. Mwahz!


Oh, and yes. That’s my butt in gym shorts in the picture 😉