Weeeeeekend! Dayum, have I been looking forward to this one! Not because of the awesome party plans for tonight and tomorrow. Not because I can finally get tipsy again and have awkward convos with guys at the bar. But also because I *stands majesticly* am going to get laid.

That’s right! I’m gonna have sex. A penis is going to be in my vagina.

For the ones who have been following my blog from the start: y’all know I broke up with my boyfriend about three months ago, and I haven’t slept with anyone since. At first because I was busy doing charity work, then because I didn’t feel like it at all and for the past few weeks because I was kinda scared-ish to start again.

Until this morning. I got a text from a guy I haven’t spoken to in ages. We used to hang out every now and then (“hang out” *winkwink*), but then he got a gf and I got a bf and we kinda stopped talking. But then he texted me this morning, and we totally hit it off again.

(Little bit about him: his name is Caleb, he’s a few years older than me and he’s a model. And he’s hot. Like seriously hot. Guys, who’s-that-dude-he-must-be-gay hot. Girls, fainting-when-he-takes-off-his-shirt hot.)

We chatted all morning and part of the afternoon, and all of a sudden he intived me to a party he was going to go to tonight. I’ve joined him on his little model parties in the past, and I absolutely loved them, even though all the hot people always made me very fucking insecure about my looks. But oh well, the parties were crazy and soooooo much fun. So I said yes.

Then at some point, he asked me whether I was single or not. I didn’t necessarily answer the question, I just asked “Why?” He went silent for a few minutes, then sent me a bathroom selfie wearing nothing but shorts. He wrote: “Cause you better hope you are, else you’re gonna miss out on a lot of this”.

Now look me in the eye and tell me that doesn’t mean I’m gonna get laid tonight 😉

Also, since I haven’t done such a thing for months now, I’m really starting to need it. I’ve been having dreams of random guys at work or in my class again for a while now and my brain is just about done with having to fantasize its way through things, instead of actually being able to remember it.

I need it. I want it. And tonight, I’m gonna get it. The bad streak is over, yo. Time to show the world I’m still here. And Caleb is just the right guy to start things off again with.

*gets naked and sends Caleb a bathroom selfie*

He better be single as well, else he’s gonna miss out on a LOT of this!