I haven’t posted something in aaaaages (and I’m reallyreallyreally sorry for that). The reason? I’ve been dating o.O

That’s right. Actual dating. I had a boyfriend for a while. Had, ‘cuz it’s already over, but at least I tried, right?

We met at a party, exchanged phone numbers, went for drinks, went for drinks a few more times (had awesome sex on all of those occasions, except the first, obviously), and just enjoyed life together for a while. Until things became a little boring and he ended up benig a selfish dorky mcdorkface, but oh wellz.

Anyway, the moments I usually used for writing fun facts about my sexylife were now mainly used for actual sexylife. Which is better, I think, for me at least 😛

So there’s that. But since this is my naughty blog, I should tell you one of those fun facts as well. I’ll keep it short tho, ‘cuz I’m somewhat in a hurry. Today is Lib Day in my country, and I’m off to this huuuuuuge free festival nearby. But!

I’m in the cheekiest of moods *chuckles*. And by cheeky I mean 100% horny. And when I’m that, I can’t stop thinking about sexxxxx. So I had two options this morning.

The first one was boring: get naked, play, get it over with. Laaaaame.

The second one (I chose this) is way better: stay in this mood, and use it to have a wicked day at the festival.

I don’t mean I’m planning to do the naughty stuff in a public bathroom or behind a tree (but hey, you can never rule such things out, right?). I mean teasing myself, and teasing all the people around me, all day long.

I’m wearing a crazy short summer dress that shows lots (lots!) of bra and probably the occasional bit of butt. I’m pretty sure people will get to see my underwear when I’m doing my weird dance moves. But I want them to!

Today is gonna be about making boys go crazy, and making myself go crazy in the process. And if all that ends with doing the naughty stuff behind a tree, I’m good with that 😉