I love giving head. And I don’t say that ‘cuz I like the final result or ‘cuz I like being the one that brings pleasure so much. I actually love giving blowjobs. Everything about it, from the teasing start to the aftermath of the explosion. I’ll try to explain why!

It all began on a rainy sunday afternoon, when darkness had started to fall and the leaves — lol no. First time I got down on a boi, I had no idea what I was doing. But neither did he so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

After I had tried it a few more times, I could join the slumber party talk about boys, dicks, and sex. And blowjobs. I found out my friends thought it was weird, a necessary evil or just plain gross. And I just sfucking loved it!

Provided that:

  • the subject is of average or better size, and;
  • the subject is cleanly shaven (srsly guys. it’s 2017) and fresh, and;
  • the subject has the ability to hold back for at least a good few minutes,

giving head is my favorite part of sex. ‘Course I like having my vajizzle tongued or my brains banged out, but going down on a cute boi gives me the tinglies in all kinds of funny places.

Obviously, part of the reason for that is having the power to make a guy go hell-to-the-yeah. And I also think part of it are the slightly submissive feelings that pop up when I’m not much more than a prop, a doll, a plaything. But I know for a fact (slumber party talk again) a lot of girls feel that way, and still I seem to enjoy it so much more than they do.

So I started to think: what else could it be? And I think I know. I really like the feeling of a – let’s just say it – dick in my mouth. Having it grow to full size, feeling it twitch just before the blow. I don’t only love the psychology behind giving head, I actually love the act as well.

And I think it shows. I don’t treat blowjobs as something I gotta do to make him happy, I truly enjoy myself while doing it. I commit. I dive in and don’t stop until a flaccid piece of meat is hanging in front of my face. D’aaaahw squishy.

I also love the next-level stuff. I swallow, big time, and I actually enjoy the taste of it. I suck (ha-ha) at deepthroating, but I always try my bestest. And when the mood is right, I’m even very much okay with just doing nothing and have my face angry-fucked and jizzzzzzled all over.

Moral of the story: if your ding dong is near me, I will probably take it in my mouth. And I will enjoy myself doing it ’till the very end.