I don’t know how things are outside of Europe, but here, there’s a mean heat wave going on. 30 degrees + (close to 90 for American readers), and it’s gonna be like this for at least a few more days. And I love it! Here’s 7 reasons why. 

1. being naked

I love being naked. In fact, I’ve told you guys all about this in a post named I love being naked. ‘Nuff said. Okay not yet. Being naked makes me go whoohoo a lot. When I get home after work, I often just get rid of my clothes and chill on the couch for a bit. Naked. But with this weather, being naked actually makes sense. It’s like I have a proper excuse for doing something I would have done anyway. Which is being naked. In case you didn’t get that.

2. hawt boys

Hot boys do get hotter when it’s warm. They wear tight shirts, or, preferrably, none at all. When it’s warm, I can gaze at abs and biceps and tattoos and bulges and whatnot and no one will even notice. It’s like erotica but in real life. It’s perfect.

3. hawt girls

Yeh yeh no. I’m straight. BUT. Some girls just have bodies that I can only appreciate. And they come out by the thousands when the weather’s hot. Tights shorts, wavy summer dresses, cleavages galore. If they succeed in not making me jealous, they have my attention.

4. happy ppl

It’s proven so many times: people just get happier when it’s nice weather. And happy people are fun people. They’re less likely to be annoying, and even if they are, I’m part of the people race as well so I just let it go a lot more easily. Don’t worry, ppl. Be happy.

5. rich noëlles

I work in a bar. And when the weather’s nice, two things happen. 1: people are happier (see #4) and happy people tip more. So more money for moiiiii! and 2: people drink more. And more drinks served means more tips and more boss going ‘hey we did good tonight, have this’. Dollars bitch! (well euros but pft)

6. sale

Rich Noëlles can buy more stuff. Rich Noëlles can buy even more stuff when summer sale’s on. And summer sale gets here faster when it’s hot. You do the math.

7. i get horny

Back to sex! Heat waves make me all sweaty ‘n sticky. And that makes me horny. I wake up when it’s freezing outside? Maybe I’ll get hard nipples and that’s about it. I wake up when the sun is burning holes in my panties? Insta-wet. Sex me boys, ‘cuz I’m gonna burst into flames if you don’t.