I hope you guys aren’t getting bored of stories about playing in public, ‘cuz I got another one for ya =D This one’s a little different though. It’s not just about secretly putting hands inside panties, it’s about being naked. Fully naked. Outside. Eek! Keep readin’ ^_^

There’s a park close to where I live. Actually there’s a few, and this one is the most boring one. It’s basically just trees and some tracks in between to walk on. People come there to walk their dog or do some running, but that’s about it. Everyone else goes to one of the other parks. Which means it’s pretty empty most of the time.

And that gave me an idea. I should be able to find a spot and a time window on which pretty much no one else is there. And that should make me able to get rid of my clothes, be as naked as possible and do some tickling. Tricky, but worth a shot.

a looooong straight path

So today (yesh, I just got back), I took my bike and fifteen minutes later, I arrived at the park. I didn’t see anyone near the entrance and it took a while for the first people to show up. I kept walking, passing an occasional couple sitting on a bench, and a large grass area with a few groups of people sitting and chilling. I crossed the field and followed another path back in between the trees. I walked for minutes and minutes on end without seeing a single soul.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t just undress here and get to it. There were a lot of corners and crossroads in the path, and I would never be able to keep an eye out in every direction. So I kept walking, until I arrived at the very end of the park. There was a loooooooooong straight path, hundreds of yards in both directions, with a cute little bench bang in the middle. I had found my spot.

I had to wait for a woman with a dog for a bit, but that didn’t stop me from already feeling myself up a little. I was wearing flipflops and a summer dress, and nothing else. Underwear would only slow me down. I kicked off my flipflops and put my hand under my dress. I slowly rubbed myself until the woman finally disappeared around the corner.

I looked to the left. No one. I looked to the right. No one. I looked behind me, just in case, but it was just more trees, and a road behind it. I was all alone, and no one could see me. I breathed in and pulled the dress over my head. It felt so weird having nothing touching my skin but the slippery wood of the little bench. There wasn’t much time to get comfy, though, so I leaned back, spread my legs and got to it.

girl, interrupted

Now, if I really want to, I can usually have an orgasm within 20 or 30 seconds from the start. That wasn’t the case here though, ‘cuz I had to keep looking around all the time, judging where the sound of a barking dog was coming from, and hoping movement on the corners of the long path didn’t mean people starting to walk down it.

After a good few minutes, however, that’s exactly what happened. I noticed a group of people coming around the corner – I could barely distinguish the color of clothes they were wearing, which meant they couldn’t have seen I was totally naked. But they were approaching, and it wouldn’t be long before they could. I quickly grabbed my dress and pulled it over my head and down my body.

I kept playing – hands up my dress – until they were 20-or-so yards away, and then sat back. I faked looking at the birds in the trees ’till they had past (it was group of oldies who nodded very politely, and so did I), and then started playing again. As soon as they turned around the corner on my left, I did a quick look-around and took off my dress once more.

I was feeling a lot more comfortable now I knew I had plenty of time to deal with anyone showing up in the distance. That made it much easier to get in the zone, to get the amount of relaxation I need to get off. I still had to look around, but it felt more like a just-in-case situation than that I was trying to avoid an actual threat. And so I was starting to get close.


I had a few jump scares due to barking dogs or birds taking off, but overall, I felt pretty relaxed – as far as one can be relaxed when one is naked in public. I did the two-hand drill (y’know: two fingers in, other hand rubbing). As I was getting ready to go boom, it felt like every bird in the park was staring at me. But I didn’t really care. I kept on going until I was sure I was on the verge of one of the weirdest orgasms in my life. I did one last check (nothing left, nothing right) and then hit it.

It was a liiiiiiiitle bit louder than I intended, but there was no one who could even remotely hear me. My body was shivering and I had quite the hard time to not slip off the bench. I closed my eyes for some 20 seconds, and during that time, I guess, someone could have rode their bike around the corner and get close enough to accidentally see a naked girl sitting on a bench, but I was willing to take that risk in order to fully enjoy my orgasm.

After those 20 seconds, I chilled back down, looked around (still nothing) and sat there for a bit longer. Like minutes longer. All naked. Then I put my dress and flipflops back on. It was minutes later when the first stranger arrived. I waited for them to pass me, then stood up and made my way back to my bike, giggling internally all the way.

When I got back home, I started to type this post. Yep, that’s how fresh it is.

Moral of this story? Have orgasms in public. They rock =))