My head hurts. My {()} hurts. Last night, I was out of my mind drunk and out of my mind horny. Today, I got a mean hangover and sore lady parts. What happened? I’ll tell you what happened.

I wasn’t planning on getting drunk. It was supposed to be a chilled night with a few friends and a few glasses of wine. But we ran into a group of guys that some of us knew, and they were planning on going hard. So we joined them.

Soon, I had broken the barrier between slightly tipsy and drunk beyond repair. When I’m past that thin line, I usually don’t stop. And I didn’t stop this time. I kept on drinking with the boys (and some of the girls), and they kept putting new drinks on the table. Far past midnight, when we had finally decided to go home, I found out one of the guys lived rather close to me. We biked home together, and when we arrived at his house, he did the proposal. Wanna come in for a bit? Sure, why not.

His shirt was off before we got to his bedroom. I sat down on him with unbuttoned pants and we kissed for a bit, but we both wanted this way too much for slow foreplay. When I took off his pants and got his dick out of his shorts, I almost fainted.

The thing was huge.

Bigger than huge. Massive. Long, thick, and fully straight. I had picked the right guy.

I took off all my clothes as quickly as I could. This thing had to be between my legs, sooner rather than later. Luckily, the owner of the thing agreed. He helped me with getting naked and felt me up, until he found me ready. Then he spread my legs and sat in between them.

There was no way that entire thing was going to fully disappear inside me just yet, but even half of it filled me up like nothing I could imagine. I grabbed his hair, he bit my nipples, and kept sliding in and out the whole time. After some time, he turned me around and held onto my hips. I buried my face in the pillow as he entered me. I could feel him trying to push his way in deeper and deeper, until eventually, I could feel his fun trail against my butt cheeks. And that’s when he started to fuck me hard.

The pillow wasn’t nearly enough to muffle my moans – well, more like screams of both pain and pleasure. He forced himself through the tight gap over and over again. His hands squeezed my ass. I tried to push myself up and arch my back, but my arms couldn’t deal with his thrusts and my upper body crashed back onto the sheets. I could feel him filling up the condom and breathed a sigh of relief when he eventually took his dick out.

“Right,” he said when we laid together on his bed. “Now I should be able to last a bit longer.”

I gazed at him. There’s gonna be more of that? I wasn’t sure I could handle that, but he didn’t gave me too much time to overthink. Before I was fully eased down, I was under him once more. No less than four more times did he cum, and after I had my first orgasm, new ones followed at high speed. At some point, it felt like I was having one long climax. He just didn’t give up – and I just didn’t give in.

After he had thrown yet another filled condom on the floor, he fell asleep, and shortly after, so did I. I woke up a few hours later, grabbed my things and kissed him goodbye. I had to walk home, ‘cuz I simply couldn’t sit on my bike. When I got home, I took a long hot shower, grabbed my laptop and laid down on my bed. I haven’t moved since.

It’s going to be a couple of hours before my headache will ease down, but it’s gonna be days before the soreness will be over. But it’s a small price to pay for a night with a giant thing inside me and an infinite amount of orgasms.

Worth it.