Okies, here’s a short post about something that makes me very slippery when I think about it and veryvery omigawdyes when I’m actually doing it. It’s about fucking when the girl (let’s say: me) holds her legs together. Lemme explain!

Boi&chickie get nakienakie. Bit of random foreplay. When boi is hard and chickie is ready, boi lies down on the bed and chickie sits on top of him. Nothing too fancy so far.

But instead of cowgirling the hecks out of boi, chickie lays down and kicks her legs back, and instead of spreading her legs to give boi all the room he needs, it’s boi who spreads his legs a little and chickie who puts hers in between his. She can’t really move so it’s not so much riding as it is… wiggling. Wigglewiggle!

It can also be done with boi on top, that makes it a lot easier to put some power in. Chickie just lies there like a barbie doll, boi climbs on top and does his thing. I prefer the wiggling one tho.

You bois&chickies ever done this? Is it something that gets you going too or do you prefer regular cowgirling?

Lemme know!