Want another confession? Here’s one for ya: I love cum. I love everything about it. The taste, the texture, the general idea behind it. It’s the perfect result of something beautiful, the perfect ending to every night. Let me tell you all about it!

I’m the kind of girl that likes to be told “you did good” after sex. And nothing says “you did good” better than a tsunami of warm, sticky yummycum crashing in, on, or over your body. Don’t get me wrong, you’d still have to tell me I did good, but at least I’d already know.


From the moment I first touched it, I’ve loved the taste. That first time happened way back when I wasn’s nearly as freaky as I am now. Virgin Noëlle finally decided to go down on virgin bf. Virgin bf wasn’t too good at lasting, and virgin Noëlle wasn’t too good at seeing the signs of approaching volcanic eruption. So I got the full load. Half of it fell out cause of giggling and coughing, but the other half ended up in the back of my throat, and down it went.

As I got more experience, I started to realize most guys loved it when I swallowed. And I loved doing it. I loved the general thought of it, I loved how convenient it was (so much less cleaning up!), and I just loooooved the taste. Since then, I never said no to a swallow request.


It’s warm. It’s sticky. It’s gooey. It sounds gross, and it looks gross, and it should feel gross. But it just doesn’t. I love slippery stuff on my body, on my hands, on my face. It’s the result of pure lust, and I get to play with it even after it’s over. How’s that not to like?

I have to admit: this applies more when I get turned on more. The hornier I get, the dirtier I get. Limits start to look like acceptable hurdles. So when, say, a hot guy is making me shout bad words and move around a lot, I’m totally fine with him taking it out and unloading all over my belly. And when I’m about to get there myself, I’m even okay with him getting it all inside and watch it drip out when he is done. It’s like a trophy. A trophy of goo.

Top 10

Time to put things in the right order. This list may vary with time and even on a day-to-day basis, but it’s just to get an idea. And no worries, I still love #10 (also, forgive me my foul language, just makes it easier :p)

  1. in mouth (+swallow)
  2. on butt
  3. on pussy
  4. in mouth (-swallow)
  5. on face
  6. in pussy
  7. on belly
  8. on boobs
  9. on leg
  10. on panties