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Ask & tell

I've had this blog for a preeeetty long time now, and so far, I've already had tons and tons of questions asked, photos sent, and fantasies shared with me. I've always loved to read & answer them, but it's been... Continue Reading →

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Porny solo

Okay I don't even know if this even makes sense to anyone, but I wanted to do a post about it anyway. Lately, I've found myself doing something I like to call porny masturbation a lot. Like, the way the... Continue Reading →

Sunday Funday

Today is my first Sunday in weeks without a hangover (it's great, I should do this more often). Even though I loooove lazy headachy fun, feeling good means I can step things up a little. Or a lot. And that's... Continue Reading →

Trick or treat

I have a few friends who are notorious for the crayzay Halloween party they throw every year. I haven't missed a single one, and last Friday, it was that time of the year again. And this time around it was... Continue Reading →

cheeky girls

There are a whooooole bunch of things a girl can do to tell the world she's in a cheeky mood, without literally telling the world she's in a cheeky mood. And I've gotten pretty good at it :p Here's some... Continue Reading →

Poll! It’s about jizz :)

Dunno how many people will slap the poll box but let's give this a try! Simple question: where are you gonna shoot?

d*ckp*cs <3

I have received a LOT of naughty pics over the years. Sometimes 'cuz I sent one first, sometimes totally unsollicited, I'll get into that on more detail later. BUT. I still have every single one of them. And they're definitely... Continue Reading →

Cleaning is FUN ;)

Cleaning suxxxxx. Let's face it. It's boring, it takes up ages of your time, and even though the result is usually nice, it still feels like you can start over again the second you've finished. Luckily, I've found a way... Continue Reading →

Top 10 sexiest clothes

Even though I love being naked (srsly I can't stress enough how much I love being naked), I still do wear clothes every now and then. But don't worry, 'cuz even clothes can get me in DA MOOD. So I... Continue Reading →

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