Hello world!

It’s so nice to finally meet you all. A little about me:

I am Noëlle. I’m from The Netherlands, from Amsterdam more specifically. I am in my early twenties. I study Dutch language and some day hope to write the bestest travel story of all time (and get crazy rich with it). Got more questions? Ask here!

I’ve thought about starting an erotic blog for some time now, and I finally found some time to do so. Behold: bellenoowelle.wordpress.com. Ideally, bellenoowelle will in time be floaded with stories, journal entries, and thoughts about stuff that’s… well… naughty.

Yas, that’s what this is about. Secret fun. Isn’t that exciting?

I hope you’ll enjoy my shenanigans. Tell me what you think so far down here 🙂



You can email me at noelleblogt@gmail.com. Send anything you like – stories, love letters, pictures… I love getting mail.

Twitter handle: @bellenoowelle (it’s a new one I created just for this blog).