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I probably need to get laid

Hellooooooo. Missed me? I missed you guys. I've been busyyyyyyy. With super random boring stuff. Work. Studies. DATING. But not with the good stuff. I mean not with stuff like... umm... you know... lemme tell ya after the break, alright?... Continue Reading →



I have no idea when it started. Who did it first. Who on Earth thought: hey, that getting you pregnant thing is getting kinda boring, why not turn you around and try that other side for a bit? I just... Continue Reading →

Naughty shopping

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while, probably already know one of the things that get me going goooooooood is doing stuff in public that people aren't supposed to do in public. And the easiest... Continue Reading →

How to tease a fireman

The doorbell rang. I had totally forgot some guy was coming to check the fire extinguishers in the building. I had volunteered to let him in, so he rang my bell. The problem was: I had just woken up and... Continue Reading →

When the flu hits #2

I got the flu. I've pretty much been tied to my bed (in the not-so-interesting way) for two days now. Feeling sick sucks, but there's one thing that makes it bearable: hours and hours of watching naughty pics and vids,... Continue Reading →

When the flu hits

I got the flu. It started yesterday, leading to the worst night I've had in a loooong time (I'll spare you the dirty details on this one). But as much as being ill sucks, it has one huge advantage: I... Continue Reading →


Orgasms are hands down the most satisfying part of sex. I've had quite a few of 'em (quick math: on average about 2-ish a day, 14 a week, 60 a month, 750 a year, 5000 since I discovered them). So... Continue Reading →

Legs closed

Okies, here's a short post about something that makes me very slippery when I think about it and veryvery omigawdyes when I'm actually doing it. It's about fucking when the girl (let's say: me) holds her legs together. Lemme explain!... Continue Reading →

Dream gangbang

Seven, eight guys are standing around me. They are still wearing clothes, but their dicks are pointing towards me. I'm kneeling on the floor, naked, drunk, horny. It's the beginning of a vivid fantasy I've had for a long time.... Continue Reading →

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