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A walkin’ orgasm

As some of you might aready know, I dig fooling around in public. Something about the idea of risking to get caught makes it crazy exciting. Now I know standing still in the center of town blows up that risk... Continue Reading →

I should blog more often

Hellooooo! I haven't posted something in aaaaages (and I'm reallyreallyreally sorry for that). The reason? I've been dating o.O That's right. Actual dating. I had a boyfriend for a while. Had, 'cuz it's already over, but at least I tried,... Continue Reading →

I’m gonna get laid tonight!

Weeeeeekend! Dayum, have I been looking forward to this one! Not because of the awesome party plans for tonight and tomorrow. Not because I can finally get tipsy again and have awkward convos with guys at the bar. But also... Continue Reading →

Once a sneaky minx…

Eek! Miss meeeeeee? It's been so long since my last post! Crazy busy times, lots of school projects and party weekends. But I'm back 🙂 I don't hate being busy, I kinda like it in fact. But the downside is... Continue Reading →

I played in front of my BFF

My best friend's name is Jackie. Okay, it's not, but for the sake of the story, let's assume it is. Jackie is a lesbian (that part is true). I've known her since I was 14, when she moved into town... Continue Reading →

Best orgasm ever – january

A few days ago, I had an unnaturally good orgasm. I immediately realized I was going to have to tell you guys about it, obviously. But then I thought: why not do this every month? So, here's my first ever... Continue Reading →

Something about boys

So far, my blog has been pretty much 100% about me playing with myself. Which makes sense, since I do that a lot, but a significant part of my sex life involves other people. Time to jump in there as... Continue Reading →

I love being naked!

There! Confession for you. I fcking love being naked. Like fully naked (okay maybe with socks on). I don't know what it is. I just love it. The place where I live has a shared kitchen and a shared bathroom,... Continue Reading →

Playing in the car

Okay, this is one I'm not particularly super proud of. I'm not ashamed or anything, it's just that I've never ever told anyone about this, and even though that's exactly the reason why I created this blog, it still feels... Continue Reading →

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